Wedding Video
Make your wedding day last forever by having an experienced Videographer capture those important moments that you can watch again and again.


I understand that your wedding day is very important to you and it is a very personal affair. As a person that has been through the process of planning and completing my own wedding, I understand that you don't want anything extra to worry about on the day. I want you to know that it is very important to me and that I take personal pride in ensuring that you get as much as possible out of your wedding video. I will customize a video to your needs and preferences and you can choose any music you like.

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Party Video
Party to your hearts content while specialist crew capture all the stuff you missed your friends doing. I'll capture the funny moments and have short interviews with the guests. Remember fun is not just for adults! I do kids parties too.
House Warming
Engagement Party
Work Party
Kids Parties

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Event Video
Showcase how you rocked the house at your gig and promote your music in a unique way. Not just for musical events. Contact us about your event today.

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Custom Project
Gannon Productions can create virtually any type of video for you. If you have a concept in mind, I will draw on my experience to help you make the best choices and to figure out how much the production will cost. eg. Documentaries, Tourism, Holidays, Funeral Coverage and more.

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